About Us

 Dream World Foundation  is a non-government organization by a group of dedicated youngsters, and registered under charitable trust act. It currently operates in the states of Delhi & Uttarakhand with our Administrative office in Udham Singh Nagar. We also have a corporate office, which is situated in Delhi. We take up projects all over India from time to time as decided by our managing committee.

We work towards building a nation where everyone has an equal opportunity for a better future by providing education, empowering women and building a sustainable eco-friendly community. Education has the power to transform lives. “Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” The knowledge acquired through education opens new paths and opportunities for a better future. To combat the plague of unemployment and poverty in our country we help the under-privileged to develop the skills required for a secure future.

Children are the foundation on which a strong, dynamic nation is built. They are the future of India. “Don’t give them a tool, instead send them to school.” We are working towards the eradication of child labour in India in the near future.

We strongly believe that women are the backbone of the institution of family and their empowerment not only transforms the lives of individuals but impacts the society as a whole. We at DWF believe that to create a friction-less society there should be equality amongst men and women. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.                                                                                             

So with a common goal in mind, professionals from various sectors came together to try to fulfill this dream by offering assistance to those in distress, and by creating a sense of brotherhood, mutual cooperation and respect among diverse communities of India.